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The big book of packaging
  • The big book of packaging
  • The big book of packaging

The big book of packaging

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The big book of packaging is to make your life simple and less complicated. Once you read this book, it will get you going and help you to survive at your own. We have tried to cover all the relevant topics of packaging that needs our attention almost everyday. We hope it will answer the basic questions that you do not get answers easily and will solve many of your packaging issues in a scientific manner. We have tried to cover the subject both from science and art point of view as we think packaging is not only a science but also an art. Or rather we would say first it's an art with common sense. So we hope you would enjoy reading it and would be benefitted.

This book is a reference guide for understanding Packaging materials, properties, manufacturing processes, test procedures and many other topics of packaging. The same is solely based on study and research done by the research team of The macro content of the book is as follows -


Chapter 1: Packaging Preamble


Chapter 2: Design Basic


Chapter 3: Printing and Printing Inks


Chapter 4:  Packaging Design Research


Chapter 5: Paper and Paper Board


Chapter 6: Paper based Packaging Bags & Sacks


Chapter 7: Corrugated Fibre Board Boxes


Chapter 8: Metal in Packaging


Chapter 9: Plastic in Packaging


Chapter 10: Processing of Packaging


Chapter 11: Glass


Key USP of this book:

  1. This book features combined data on each topic which is not readily available and can help packaging student, packaging professional, packaging enthusiast, packaging company (end user or a supplier) to have complete understanding of the concepts.
  2. Graphical representations (tables, charts) are given to make concept easily understandable. 
  3. Trouble-shooting of each process giving details on probable problem, its reason and the possible solution
  4. Material testing of different Packaging Materials
  5. Detailed schematic diagrams for better understanding of the process or manufacturing steps

 About Author: Mr. Sandeep Kumar Goyal, CEO of "Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt. Ltd." An Elite Packaging Professional - IIP First Batch & M.S. in Packaging from Rochester Institute of Technology, Accredited from IOM3 & IOPP.


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