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Packaging is much more than designing a “dabba”

Packaging is much more than designing a “dabba”

Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016 0 comment(s)

“Packaging is not just making a dabba, it is much more than that”. To simplify the answer for “why packaging”

When I completed my studies in Packaging Technology, I faced this issue of explaining people (general public of course) the role of packaging for a question “you learn how to make a dabba (box)”.
Let me share some statements on which I felt - people are using packaging every second of their life but still they doesn’t know the science and importance of packaging

“Why there is sooo much air puffed in a chips packet”
“What’s a big deal in packing stuff, you simple need to cover it or put it in a box”
“All this waste being generated is because of plastic wrappers”
“Packaging is a major environment problem”
“Don’t eat packed food, they contain preservatives
Not only me, in fact as a packaging technologist we often feel like saying “packaging is not just making a dabba, it is much more than that”.

To simplify the answer for “why packaging”

Protect the content from outer environment like dust, light, air, etc
Inform buyers about content, ingredients, usage, nutrients and so on (through labelling)
Present a product in convenient way to the consumers
Preserve spoilage of contents by arresting microbial growth
Gives required properties for transporting a product, even to the remotest areas
Promote a brand on shelf by attractive looks through packaging
Combination of these and several other factors is what we call “packaging development”.
As packaging professionals, our motive should not only be developing a pack but also to aware users about importance of packaging. After all a product is being picked only when it has attractive and eye catchy packaging

See few examples in which packaging is working as silent sales man both for the product and the brand

I heard a quote saying “if you package it right, you can sell anything”. This is actually true, first purchase of a new product / brand in retail stores is driven through its packaging only.

Watch this video showing “packaging is a combination of science and art”
I just wish someday we don’t have to explain people what we learn and do as “packaging professionals”

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