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Innovative Meat Packaging
  • Innovative Meat Packaging
  • Innovative Meat Packaging

Innovative Meat Packaging

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Packaging is not a recent phenomenon. It is an activity closely associated with the evolution of society and, as such, can be tracked back to human beginnings. The nature, degree, and amount of Packaging at any stage of society’s growth reflect the needs, cultural patterns, material availability, and technology of that society. The pace of the technological change in Packaging field is bringing new innovative packaging ideas and Meat Packaging is not an exception. From an individual prospective, change often needs to be in that which has already happened, but society is changing daily; meeting new challenge, integrating new knowledge, accommodating new needs, and rejecting obsolete system. These changes are inevitably reflected in the way we package, deliver and consume goods. Idea behind this book is to bring the innovations to wider group of professionals to meet the mission of packaging knowledge sharing and that too cost effectively. We feel that this publication will further fill the project pipelines of companies and improve the standards of packaging. Many professionals either do not have the access or time to go through so many innovations together. So we think this publication will fill that gap

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