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Aluminium Crimp Seals

available in different color and designsColor:- Sliver, Gold, Red, Green, Blue Options:- Purple, Ora..

Aluminium seals with flip top

The different cap designs are available with a large choice of colors of aluminum and polypropylene ..

Lyophilization stoppers

Bromo Chloro rubber stoppersHigh barrier propertyLow extractable,Long term stabilityApplication - Ly..

PET Tubes

Round bottles (small pipes) with tamper-evident closureFor Pharmaceutical application..

Plunger for cartridge & disposable syringe

Bromo Chloro plungerHigh barrier propertyLow extractable,Long term stabilityApplication - Insulin ca..

Rubber Stoppers for Vials

Bromo Chloro rubber stoppers High barrier property Low extractable, Long term stability A..

Silica Gel Unit Pack

Silicagel is a hard and transparent material with the ability to adsorb the moistureup to 75 Å Fahre..

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