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Premium Corrugated Box
Rs 18.50 - 117.70

Suitable for shipping and storage of cubic, round or odd shaped medium, large and heavy size it..

3D-50 LPI lenticular sheet
Rs 5,150.00 Rs 4,630.00

The new True 3D-50 LPI lenticular sheet is actually the best 3D lens available for both offset and ..

40 LPI Lenticular sheet
Rs 5,423.00 Rs 4,880.00

40LPI lenticular sheet (also called VLF for Very Large Format) allows high volume productions of po..

75 LPI lenticular sheet
Rs 2,667.00 Rs 2,400.00

The LENSTARĀ®Plus 75 LPI lenticular sheet is the worldwide standard lens design. It is a univer..

Aluminium foil laminated pouch
Rs 8,650.00
Rs 2.62 - 15.71

Foil laminated standup pouch can stand beautifully on shelf. This stand up pouch may be used to pack..

Both side Metallized Stand up Zipper Pouch
Rs 6,400.00
Rs 1.875 - 12.857

Flexible metallized pouch which can be stand beautifully on shelf. This stand up pouch may be used t..

Disposable plastic glass
Rs 8.00

Easy to use, Recyclable, DisposableAffordable, Available in all sizes And shapesThey used in birthda..

Dry Fruits PET Cans
Rs 10.90 - 20.50

Sizes available for dry fruits in grams: 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 250, 350, 400, 500 grams.&..

Ghee Packaging Can
Rs. 12.80 - Rs.18.50

Sizes available: 250, 500, 1000 grams. Other sizes can be made.Easy to open and reusable plastic lid..

Impulse Sealer
Rs 1450.00 - 3500.00

Manual Hand Sealer - Plastic/Polybag/Polythene Bags Sealing Machine.Sealing Type : ImpulseApplicatio..

Induction Sealer Wads Foil Sealing Machine for Bottles
Rs 18,000.00

Electromagnetic Induction Capper is mainly applicable to capping operation of non-metal bottleneck (..

Innovative Meat Packaging
Rs 3,085.00 Rs 1,549.00

Packaging is not a recent phenomenon. It is an activity closely associated with the evolution of soc..

Kraft Paper stand up zipper pouch
Rs 8,650.00
Rs 2.3 - 15.7

Kraft based laminated standup pouch can stand beautifully on shelf.It is Brown paper based pouch whi..

Mouth Fresheners
Rs. 9.90 - Rs. 14.20

Cans for packing various mouth fresheners and Churans.Size Available: 50 , 100, 125, 150, 200 gm pac..

One side aluminium one side transparent stand up zipper
Rs 7,300.00
Rs 2.50 - 15.00

Foil laminated standup pouch with clear front can stand beautifully on shelf. This stand up pouch ma..

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