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Flipkart Courier Bag
Rs 4.25-12

Flipkart Tamper Proof Courier/Security Bag with POD Pocket for Flipkart Resellers.Widely used b..

Premium Corrugated Box
Rs 18.50 - 117.70

Suitable for shipping and storage of cubic, round or odd shaped medium, large and heavy size it..

3M Clear tape (Magic Tape)
Rs. 80.00 - Rs. 83.00

High quality full length tapes, high degree of adhesiveness, good tensile strength, weather resistan..

Bubble laminated paper envelope
Rs 3.50 - 11.20

 Brown bubble envelopeCushioning and surface protection, Shockproof, Guard against theft. ..

CD Envelope (Machine pasted)
Rs. 1.20 - Rs. 1.70

CD and DVD envelopes protect delicate data discs from scratches, cracks, fingerprints, and other typ..

Corrugated Box
Rs 45.00 - Rs. 38.00

Specification:- 150/150/150 GSM paperExport Quality Boxes. These packaging boxes are widely used in ..

Courier bag less than 100 Qty

These bags are made up of Low density polyethylene (LDPE) Thickness of the bag : 60 Micron.Thes..

Courier Sealable- (With Flap)
Rs 4.00 - 13.70

If your work involves exchanging a lot of documents, you definitely need the best quality paper enve..

Digimatic Micrometer
Rs 7,500.00

Measuring range : 0 to 25 mm/ 0 to 1"Resolution :  0.001mm / .00005"Display : LED..

One side metallised one side transparent stand up zipper
Rs 6,800.00
Rs 1.75 - 12.14

Flexible metallized pouch which can be stand beautifully on shelf. One side of this pouch is metalli..

Paper Envelope
Rs 2.25 - 4.80

If your work involves exchanging a lot of documents, you definitely need the best quality paper enve..

Security Envelope (Patent)
Rs 3.60 - 6.81

Security envelopes have special tamper-resistant and tamper-evident features. They are used for high..

Tuck in box
Rs 35.50 - 48.50

Carton 3ply 300gsm Duplex/120gsm sk/180gsm VKPaper gsm:- Total Board gam:-650gsm, Thickness of Board..

Wine box
Rs 115.00

This telescopic shaped multipack for one bottle and two glasses can be used as gifting and storage ..

Wine box
Rs 65.00

This telescopic shaped wine box can be used as gifting and storage pack to carry  wine. This p..

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