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Takeaway Tiffin Box

Takeaway tiffin box is a complete packaging solution for packaging and serving of food for hotel, re..

Rs 25.00
Tamper Proof Plastic bag with bubble

These bags are made up of Low density polyethylene (LDPE) Thickness of the bag : 60 Micron with..

Rs 5.50
Tea Packaging Innovations

In our endeavour to get innovations which will take packaging to a different level, we have launched..

Rs 1,649.00 Rs 3,298.00
Tennis Balls Packaging

We have been making Cans for packing Tennis balls  from more than 20 years now.Sizes: 2 ball, 3..

Rs 0.00
The big book of packaging

The big book of packaging is to make your life simple and less complicated. Once you read this book,..

Rs 26,999.00
Thermostat Bag- For carrying blood bag

Properties:-Made of 3 layersEco-friendly (Made off with paper)Ease to carry and handleApplication:-U..

Rs 40.00
TIE box

This aesthetically appealing tie box can hold one tie and will provide premium look  and lovel..

Rs 125.00
Tin container

Tin container with rubber lid best suited for green tea packaging with dimensions as followsDiameter..

Rs 25.00
Tissue box

MDF Leatherite etc..

Rs 180.00
Transparent stand up spout Pouch

Transparent spout standup pouch which can be stand beautifully on shelf. Both sides of this pouch is..

Rs 7,500.00
Transparent Stand up zipper Pouch

Flexible pouch which is transparent and can stand beautifully on shelf. This stand up pouch may be u..

Rs 6,800.00
Tuck in box

Carton 3ply 300gsm Duplex/120gsm sk/180gsm VKPaper gsm:- Total Board gam:-650gsm, Thickness of Board..

Rs 0.00
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