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Premium Corrugated Box
Rs 18.50 - 117.70

Suitable for shipping and storage of cubic, round or odd shaped medium, large and heavy size it..

Diaphragms for Board Bursting strength tester
Rs 840.00

Diaphragms for Board burst testers.Molded rubber circular diaphragm- (pujum type). 80mm di..

Dustbin box
Rs 38.32

Specification:- 180gsmVK/120gsmSK/180gsmVK..

Dustbin box (One Compartment)
Rs 32.02

Specification:- 180gsmvk/120gsmsk/180gsmvk..


WHY BUTTERFLY CUPCup lids account for over 100 tons of plastic waste a day worldwide! You one less l..

Hot tea flask
Rs 26.58

Hot tea flask is combination of pouch and outer corrugated carton which can be used for hot beverage..

Hot Tea Flask- Sample

Hot tea pack consist of a outer carton along with spout pouch inside. This pack offers better ..

PP Corrugated Box
Rs 518.00
INR 518

This plastic PP corrugated boxes is one form of returnable packaging. These are made to meet the di..

PP Tray with Foam Partitions
Rs 1,156.00

These Polypropylene Plastic Corrugated Tray Boxes are suitable for packaging of..

PP Tray with plastic paritions
Rs 1,156.00
INR 1155

These Polypropylene Plastic Corrugated Tray Boxes are suitable for packaging of..

Wooden Pallet

Pallet is a flat transport structure which is used to supports goods in a stable fashion while..

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